Videos of people talking about how Starfish stammering control training courses have changed their lives

Over the years the Starfish Project has been chosen to feature in numerous TV stammering documentaries and items on TV news about stammering. Whilst hundreds of people saw these films about stammering and stammering therapy available from the Starfish Project and decided to come on a Starfish Project course to learn how to control stammering, we thought it was important for others who may have missed these films originally to see them.

We hope that watching these films will give people who stammer hope and information that there is an alternative.

Living With A Stammer

Felicity Baker, a producer with BBC news, felt that as Joe Biden was soon to become the first American president who has a stammer, this was an important time for a news item about living with a stammer.

Felicity, is also a stammerer, and attended the Starfish Project and learned the techniques to control her own speech. We are very proud of Felicity and how well she has done and we hope this piece will improve public awareness of Stammering and let stammerers know that there is hope.

Stuttering Mind podcast - You Don’t Need To Suffer With A Stutter

Barry Rix Gives an amazing insight into living with a stammer and his life changing experiences since coming on the Starfish Project course.

Stuttering Mind podcast - It's Time to WalkThe Talk

Adam Wright tells about his life with a stammer and how the Starfish Project played such an important part in changing his life in this.

Brian Skelton is the latest member of the Starfish family to tell his story on the Stuttering Mind podcast

Have a listen here to Brian's amazing life story & the role the Starfish Project has had in his life..

Barry Rix talks about Starfish and his recovery from stammering to Business Network group

Barry came on his first Starfish course nearly 19 years ago and has never looked back.

Clips from Channel 4's 'You deserve this House'

Starfish Project students talk about Anne Blight

Phil Davies talks about the Starfish Project

Matt Callard talks about the Starfish Project

Hayley Sutton talks about the Starfish Project

Starfish Project Beat It

Following the numerous national newspaper, magazine, radio and television articles, reporting successful training in stammering control available from the Starfish Project, we were requested by a large number of parents to start courses for young people who stammer. These parents were all very concerned about the lack of speech therapy facilities, for their children, in their own home areas within the health service.

Beat It - Part 1

Steve's Story as featured in the BBC television documentary - 'Lost for Words'

There have been quite a few occasions recently when people who I know, have asked me, Steve how have you gained this control over your stammer?

After living with a severe stammer for 20 years and actually finding a way in which I can control it, is a dream come true, When talking to these people, using Technique I know all they are thinking about is why I am not moving like I used to. I think most people are too embarrassed to ask me so I usually make a point of saying it for them! (Explaining all about the Starfish Project).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For further information please read Steve's article on gaining control over his stammer

Jack Turner on This Morning

A little time after his first Starfish course Jack Heal-Turner decided to speak about his story of stammering and finding help to control his stammer from The Starfish Project. We are so proud of Jack, the courage he showed in doing this and all he has achieved since. Please take the time to read his mum's introduction and watch this incredible piece of film.

Watch the documentary Adam Wright - Living with a Stammer

Adam Wright - Living with a Stammer. photo

Adam Wright talking about stammering and the Starfish Project:

Read about Adams Starfish journey.

Starfish Project - Joe Allen on the BBC

Living With A Stammer

An Inspirational Story From A Recovering Stammer - Steve Simmons

Adam Wright on BBC Radio Leeds

Adam Wright talking about his stammering experiences and Starfish on the BBC radio Leeds

Starfish Project On UK News Programme

Video 1

Video 2

The non profit making Starfish Project provides an effective, sustainable and affordable solution to stammering, with free lifetime support.

You will see featured in these films the compassionate and caring one-to-one training given by recovering stammerers. A chance to witness these recovering stammerers helping new people to learn the Starfish technique, that they themselves use, to control stammering that once controlled them.

We hope that these films not only give inspiration to stammerers, but also help improve public awareness of stammering, stuttering and give a greater understanding of the problem.