Free Starfish Project Continuous Support

Your training does not end after the three day initial course, for it is now that The Starfish Project on-going care begins with FREE lifetime support, which is so essential to your recovery.

Lack of back up support - is by far the most common reason given on Starfish course application forms in reply to 'why do you think other therapies didn't work for you ?' It is for this reason that in depth, on-going, FREE lifetime support is such an essential part of Starfish.

Free Lifetime support is not just a glib 'for this month only' marketing offer, it is part of the Starfish pledge that was made at the start of the Project in 1998, and we will proudly always provide in depth Lifetime Support.

Your Lifetime Support includes:

  • The Starfish nation-wide telephone support list, of other recovering stammerers, who are available by phone anytime, day or night 365 days a year to assist your recovery and help with anything you may encounter.
  • Together we can arrange a personalised programme for your continued recovery. This will involve meeting to practice and further training on shopping trips etc.
  • Local Starfish support groups meet regularly throughout the country. These groups enable recovering stammerers to meet and practice Starfish control technique in a relaxed social situation and try out addressing the group etc.
  • No charge refresher courses. You are always welcome to come back on any further courses, without charge (you only pay for accommodation), to assist your recovery. This is an open offer to all students, but we do not insist on this - it's up to each individual. We do not place any pressure or rely on people coming on courses to train new people. However, if you would like to you can help in the training of others, this will enrich your experience and help in making a difference for other people who stammer.
  • Regular Starfish Skype conference support group with world-wide members helping each other.

The combination of your commitment to recovery from stammering and the on-going care and follow up from everyone involved in The Starfish Project will be the foundation of your future of controlled effortless speech.

Recovery from stammering will not be easy,

but nothing that's really worth it comes easy,

and after all stammering is much harder.