About The Starfish Project and our stammering control training courses

The Starfish Project brings together years of experience from working with other therapies. We have combined the best from the early pioneering work of these therapies, together with the experiences and lessons we have learned from helping in the recovery of many hundreds of people from stammering over the years.

Your Starfish training commences with a three-day course. Training on all Starfish courses is on a one to one basis, given by recovering stammerers. It combines compassion and care throughout in teaching proven successful methods of diaphragmatic retraining (costal breathing), avoidance reduction therapy and positive attitude development.

On a Starfish Project training course, we are ever mindful of the individuality of every stammerer, and that their recovery from stammering will be at their own pace and in their own time. For this reason we always restrict the number of people on a course, to ensure the maximum individual attention.

We have regular breaks during the day, and of course at lunch time, to ensure you stay 'fresh'. We keep a training day to your maximum input level - not your exhaustion point. Days start at 9 a.m. and finish between 5 and 6 p.m. We want to help you learn control, not to break you!

In the evenings there is plenty of opportunity to practise your new technique in a relaxed social situation and around the table during dinner, together with everyone else on the course, in the hotel restaurant.

Your stammering control training sessions are not just theory we will equip you for everyday situations, with enjoyable role play sessions like telephone work, ordering a drink in a pub or a meal in restaurant, addressing a group etc. Your Starfish Project course will end by preparing you for your 'new' life and how to handle some of the possible challenges you may face.

Your Starfish Project course will end by preparing you for your 'new' life and how to handle some of the possible challenges you may face and provides you with access details of our Free Lifetime support.

Important Statement

It has come to our notice that our work at The Starfish Project has been confused with that of other organisations which market expensive stammering treatment courses. We would like it known that there is no connection between The Starfish Project and these other organisations and programmes. We strongly believe that it is wrong to take financial or psychological advantage of the misfortune of other people, or to give false hope or promise of a non-existent cure from stammering.