A Photograph album of Joseph Lukong on the Starfish Project

We have pleasure in publishing a few of the many photographs taken during Joseph's time on the Starfish Project

Joe at Westminster

After an overnight flight from the Cameroon we met Joseph at Heathrow airport. A chance for a whirlwind tour of some of the sites of London and then on ..

Anne and Joe at the BSA

to the offices of The British Stammering Association.......

Joe and the BSA taff

.... and a chance to meet some of the hard working BSA staff.

Anne and Joe using the technique

...and on to Joseph's Starfish Project training using voice projection

Joe using voice projection

with other recovering stammerers.

Joe and Graham
Joe and Hayley
Joe and Daniel

With a chance to meet and thank some of the many Starfish recovering stammerers who had raised the funds to make Joseph's journey to The Starfish Project a reality.

Anne and Joe by Lake

We wish Joseph every success in his recovery from stammering and will be there to support him every step of the way.

We applaud Joseph's courage and determination to set up Starfish training to help the stammerers of The Cameroon.

Together we can make a difference........

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