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UPDATE 9th August 2020

We were looking at the possibility of starting the courses again in September. The idea being to hold courses every month to help clear the backlog of new people who are waiting for a course. We have spent a long-time making plans for how we can organise the course within the government safety guidelines.
However, with the recent rise in the infection rate and the increasing likelihood of a second spike, and taking advice from health care professionals and a virologist, we are sorry to tell you that we have, sadly, come to the difficult decision to cancel our September course.
We continue to agonise over these decisions, and it has been the hardest of times for us. Your safety and wellbeing on a Starfish Course are paramount and we owe it to you to take care of you – that is what we do and that’s why we had to make these decisions.

Statement about Coronavirus (COVID-19):

We are in challenging times. Over the recent days and weeks, we have been forced to make very difficult decisions, it was with heavy heart that we had to cancel our March and May courses. Looking ahead we will be making sure that we provide support for everyone on the Starfish Project, particularly in self isolation. We promise support free for life and during the coming times this support will be much needed and will be available.

We are actively monitoring the situation with regards to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and following the advice published by the UK Government and the World Health Organisation. The wellbeing of those attending Starfish Project courses, is our top priority. We will be in regular contact with people that were booked on our postponed courses and those booked on our courses later in the year.
On a positive note this WILL PASS! - WE WILL GET OVER IT! - and we will be back at the Boship hotel to continue helping people to recover from stammering.
We agonised over these decisions, and it has been the hardest of times for us, but we owe it to you in every way to take care of you – that’s what we do and that’s why we had to make this decision.
We will be thinking of all our great Starfish family over the weeks to come,
take care - take support - take control of stammering.

When this is all over, we will be back to teaching people to gain control of stammering on our courses. We will maintain our policy of limited numbers on a course to ensure everyone gets the maximum one-to-one personal training, but we will hold more frequent courses to catch up.
We will be available as usual over the period please Contact us.

Welcome to the Starfish Project Website

Like many people, who visit our site will have reached a point in their lives where they want to do something about their stammer. You may also have reached that same point of 'enough is enough'. Many people have told us of their frustration with the severe lack of stammering /stuttering therapy facilities within the health service, and their search for decent and effective stammering therapy.

For lots of people, as well as years of trying ineffective therapies, they will have also tried expensive hypnotherapy with either none or very short lived results. For others it has been the disappointment and time wasted with therapies giving false hopes and a promise of stammering cures. Whilst others come to Starfish disillusioned after trying very expensive electronic devices designed to disguise or delay sounds and control stammering.

We welcome you to the site, we do not promise a non-existent cure for stammering, we will not try and hypnotise you, or sell you and ask you to wear any gadget or device. Our aim is to provide decent, effective therapy with free lifetime support to as many people who stammer as possible, without making profit out of your misfortune of having a stammer, stutter. We hope that you find the joy of effortless speech with the Starfish Project.

The Starfish Project has been helped and supported thousands of people who Stammer over the years. The technique taught on our courses has enabled them to gain control of their speech and lives. We are a non-profit making project for training people who Stammer (Stutter) to control and gain confidence over something that has controlled them.

Starfish is not about trying to achieve the impossible of so-called 'fluency' - when no one in life is fluent. It is not about striving for perfection in an imperfect world. Find out more about the Starfish Project and our courses.

Unfortunately, there is NO CURE for Stammering or Stuttering. However our training is specifically designed to give you the tools and the confidence to control your stammer in the day to day speaking situations that you will encounter.

Watch young Jack Turner on This Morning

A little time after his first Starfish course Jack Heal-Turner decided to speak about his story of stammering and finding help to control his stammer from The Starfish Project. We are so proud of Jack, the courage he showed in doing this and all he has achieved since. Please take the time to read his mum's introduction and watch this incredible piece of film.

Watch videos of people talking about how Starfish stammering control training courses have changed their lives can be viewed here.

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